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Hi, my name is hogan. I started https://titaniumearringhoops.com/ in 2019. Our shop is offering hypoallergenic earrings for people with allergies.
Many people are allergic to specific metals, and skin staining is often considered a sign. However, the discoloration is caused by the reaction of certain metals to the skin, specifically the oxidation of metals from sweat. A true metal allergy causes the skin to become itchy and red, and sometimes a rash. Any part of the body can be affected by a jewelry allergy, a rash on the neck, itchy earlobes, red spots, swelling, or blisters where jewelry touches are all signs of a metal allergy.
So why allergies? The most common jewelry allergy is nickel, a naturally white metal that is often mixed with other metals to form alloys. Nickel is a common allergic material, with nearly 15% of people allergic to nickel. Nickel can be found in many products that touch the skin, including earrings and more.
The hypoallergenic earrings we offer are made of titanium, the safest metal to use in jewelry, it is antibacterial and compatible with human skin, and we also use other safe materials such as resins , nickel-free pendants and more. So even if your ears are sensitive, you can use our titanium earring hoops  with confidence.
Since 2019, we have received more than 10,000+ proof reviews and more than 40,000+ orders.
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